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An accomplishment

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So I was at my brother's wrestling tournament for Sectionals today and it was at a place that had an arcade there. So I played some songs like Stricken by Disturbed, Cult of Personality by Living Colour, Paranoid by Black Sabbath. With those songs I got a few high scores. BUT when I played the song Peace of Mind by Boston I achieved a 561 note streak! and the high score for the song! Sadly I was like 10 notes away from the end of the song missed a note and lost the streak :(

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  1. Niji's Avatar
    Awe, nice. I love Stricken by Disturbed. It's a mind-blowing song :) .
  2. Mikes Gardevoir's Avatar
    I had over a 200 note streak on that too! but was like 4th


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