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  1. SamurottMan's Thoughts on Pokemon XY: Froakie

    FROAKIE - ケロマツ (Kerumatsu)
    The Bubble Frog Pokemon
    It says that they may look absent minded, but are paying attention to their surroundings all the time. And look at the artwork
    It's a ninja pose (waaaaaaaaaaa). And Froakie would make an awesome Water/Fighting Type. But we have Toxicroak a frog/toad thing.
    I don't care I want this Pokemon to look like this --> http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-3aHJ0iWquuQ/UPYjxAX_suI/AAAAAAAAAAs/zi-owlWdg4s/s1600/pokemon-froakie-evolution.jpg ...
  2. SamurottMan's Thoughts on Pokemon XY: Chespin

    Hi, I's SamurottMan and I joined the Bulbagarden Forum last year, but I started posting and writing later. So I decided to make blogs with my thoughts on the future games - Pokemon X and Y. In this blog I'll be sharing my opinion about the Kalos region starters - Chespin (grass); Fennekin (Fire) and Froakie (Water).

    CHESPIN - ハリマロン (Harimaron)

    The Shelled Chestnut Pokemon

    So Chespin is the Grass type starter. ...
  3. SamurottMan's Thoughts on Pokemon XY: Fennekin

    FENNEKIN - フォッコ (Fokko)

    The Fox Pokemon

    A cute fire type fox. It looks serious, cute and strong at the same time. My prediction is that it will evolve into a Fire/Fighting......................................................Wait NOOOOOOOOOOOO
    No Fire/Starters
    People expect it to be a Fire/Psychic (well most of the pokefans)
    I personally want this pokemon to evolve into a Fire/Dark. You know the fox is ...