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what did i just type

Time for another blog entry

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by , 26th November 2012 at 08:49 AM (255 Views)
Hi, sorry I haven't been that active and stuff, I was a bit busy. There was a fair at our school that lasted for two days. xD I loved going to the bouncy house. I got a few wounds (a big one on my elbow, a small one on my other elbow and another small one near my ankle) on the slide thing (what do you call it...rope, er...rubber burn?) but I don't care. I won a rubix cube and a magic slate at the games (you know stuff like dart balloon, etc) I really wanted a magic slate, I could draw random stuff without wasting paper xD but the one I got was bad quality and it had a bad design, the slider for the thing that erases it gets stuck often...I wish I had the kind where you like partly peel off the page to erase it then put it back. Man, I wish I had an ipod or something where I can download all of my favorite songs...I only got into music this year so yeah maybe a music player thing will be wasted on me...I doubt that I'd download more than 40 songs...yeah well, whatever. Owl City, yeah! (Sunburn, Galaxies, Hot Air Balloon, Technicolor Phase, etc.) Oh yeah and my watch broke. The face still works, it still tells time but the strap broke so I can't wear it...so I taped it and I can sorta wear it now but it's really likely to slip off. Sorry this wasn't really remotely interesting. I have exams next week, by the way, so...wish me luck? or whatever...but I won't really be active next week, I might be able to pop in now and again, though. Oh yeah and at school at the college part there was something about contact lenses there... Green eyes are awesome. Natural green eyes, that is...if it's from contact lenses then well never mind... but really green eyes are awesome. Just saying. You know if it was based on looks I'd rather date a guy with green eyes than blue eyes or any other color for that matter...just saying... Well, I've got nothing else to say so...good night, guys.

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