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what did i just type


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by , 31st March 2013 at 03:27 AM (4682 Views)
I'm incredibly bored so yeah I'm making a random blog entry about tamagotchi (this will probably bore most of you to death tho so yeah here's your chance to turn back before getting bored to death) so that time when I went to Japan I got a Tamagotchi I was actually gonna get a Tamagotchi iD or iDL but apparently they're obsolete now??? and they're only selling Tamagotchi P's??? so yeah uuhhh Tamagotchi has gone a bit girly tho like rhinestones are you freaking kidding me rhinestones??? and hearts??? I miss the days when Tamagotchis were more gender neutral (there are boys out there who like tamas too and if you meet one do not tease him about it ok dude) and I really want a v4.5 that is all a freaking v4.5 that they stopped making and selling years ago and you can only find them on e-bay or amazon or something but I can't buy stuff on the internet plus they probably only ship to the US anyway so yeah but I'm really willing to ignore how girly tamas have gotten because the new versions are in color that's right color not 8bit pixel things now it's got a full LCD screen with a back light and color basically these are the pros and cons of it:

- in color
- new features idk what they are because I don't understand it

- girly with rhinestones and crap
- if you don't understand Japanese then you won't know what the heck is going on

I don't know how these new versions work at all it took me an hour to figure out how to put in the batteries and I nearly broke my DS stylus doing it and all these new characters make my head spin plus they're basically all humanoids with clothes and stuff I miss the tamas based on dinosaurs and robots and food now they're all just boring humanoid things, well a large majority of them are (and I'm talking about the teen and adult characters) I miss the old characters who got cut out of the new versions like Sebiretchi and Togetchi but yeah the new tamagotchi isn't that bad

I started it like 2-3 days ago and I'm on generation 2 right now uuhhh a summary of what happened to my tamagotchi

blue blob thing with a yellow mouth and tiny yellow feet that evolved into a turtle thing that evolved into idk a snail thing that evolved into a blue human thing wearing a sun visor married a purple thing with a pink ribbon and a really annoying smile seriously it's so annoying and they had a daughter who's a weird pink blob thing who evolved into a ghost with an umbrella hat who evolved into an orange mushroom thing who evolved into a pink human thing with disturbingly long eyelashes

I don't know the new characters' names so I basically just describe what they look like and call them that

anyways here are some random bad quality photos of my tamagotchi I'm sorry my phone has a crappy camera

blogs/63089/attachments/85764-photo0111.jpg blogs/63089/attachments/85766-photo0112.jpg blogs/63089/attachments/85765-photo0116.jpg blogs/63089/attachments/85767-photo0119.jpg

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