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what did i just type

so I've been procrastinating...

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by , 11th June 2013 at 05:38 AM (167 Views)
I was supposed to like say something the last time I was online but I wasn't able to bECAUSE MY SISTER DRAGGED ME AWAY FROM MY LAPTOP I FORGOT WHY BUT IT WAS PROBABLY FOR SOMETHING UNIMPORTANT and that was like back in April and now it's June and I just... but yeah so I've been procrastinating writing this, I dunno it's like some days I want to write this but im too lazy to and other days im not too lazy to do it but I just didn't feel like writing it and I did something else. but yeah so my dad's giving me his old mac for school and stuff im just really glad because honestly I do not know how to use this...I'm really more comfortable with macs but yeah I'm not really what my older sister calls “tech savvy” anyways. I'm not really good at doing anything to be honest but yeah so im transferring my files and logging out of websites and stuff... uh I was actually supposed to say something else too I don't really remember, I've been mentally writing and rewriting this for a long time everything I want to say just got lost in everything else I guess.

so yeah if anyone is wondering im probably gonna start posting stuff again at around July but yeah I feel like since im here anyway I should at least say something before disappearing for another month. I would say more stuff but I wanna keep this short and I really wouldn't wanna waste your time typing something like eight paragraphs long or something... so yeah since I'm transferring laptops im gonna log out of this website for the first time ever and I dunno im sort of scared I'll probably have trouble logging back in I dont know. uuhh so I'll probably post another blog entry later explaining more stuff...if I dont back out at the last minute, which I probably will because im probably just gonna say weird stuff that I'm gonna regret for the rest of my life again or im just gonna be like “nah another blog entry would be unnecessary so im just gonna not post it and listen to Owl City”, so yeah see you in July. oh yeah and I almost forgot uuhh thank you everyone who greeted me happy birthday I dunno I dont really remember what happened really this whole summer has been a blur in fact pretty much my whole life seems like a blur like I dont remember my 9th birthday????? I guess my brain just doesn't think those kinds of things are important enough to store in my long term memory and that really sucks but yeah this is getting kind of long and I want to keep this short so I guess i'll stop here.

^ so i typed that beforehand in word like twenty minutes ago before i came on here and then i come on here and then I'm like wait how did i get 5 notifications???? ??????? ????? but yeah sorry for not being online often I really hope people didn't miss me or worry about me for some reason?????? because really I'm fine idk i guess you were concerned because you hadn't seen me for like the past two months and i changed my profile picture and avatar to a picture of Adam Young looking annoyed with the word no written in comic sans i dont know teen angst stuff or I probably sound arrogant or something thinking everyone missed me and stuff doesn't revolve around me don't think that wait what did i just say I don't know I'm sorry but yeah so i have to eat dinner and i dont know if i'll be back again later because school starts in three days and im gonna have to sort out a couple of things and I'll be busy with stuff so yeah chances are you'll see me again in July when things calm down or i dunno will it really take that long for things to settle down?

P.S. wow i still type without proper punctuation or capitalization i thought i would have sorted that out by now oh well at least this isn't a jumbled up incoherent mess and you can actually understand what I'm trying to say and I didn't fill it with random stuff and go all "i suck at explaining things lol so im not even going to bother trying to explain things and im just gonna fill this entry with random stuff" but yeah so i have to eat dinner now

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    It's nice to see that you are allright, even if you are not posting as regulalry as before, Twilight.
    Don't worry about logging in, it's not something hard, I do it all the time :))
    Have a nice dinner! See you in July again!


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