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what did i just type

So I just beat Skyla

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by , 31st October 2012 at 05:11 AM (244 Views)
lol, most of you probably already finished the game, but I'd like to remind you I only got mine last October 24. I trained everyone to around level 30, evolved Percy and taught Indigo Ice Punch (I flew back to Driftveil and paid 10 red shards to the move tutor guy) before challenging Skyla, and I beat her. I wonder what the heck happened to her Unfezant, though. Gonna keep training Indigo, gonna need Ice Punch to beat Drayden. Oh, and I CAUGHT AN EMOLGA!!! aw yea. level 25, girl, nicknamed Robinspark, lol.

Here's my current team:

Percy the Samurott lvl 39
Indigo the Lucario lvl 38
Starlight the Ampharos lvl 38
Chocolate the Krokorok lvl 32
Sunburn the Darumaka lvl 32
Radioactiv the Crobat lvl 32

Any suggestions on how to improve? lol

Going to go to Lentimas Town, as soon as my 3DS XL is done charging...

The end! Thanks for reading! I encourage you to read my previous entries too! (but not the stupid ones, I apologize for my stupidity, please ignore it...)

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  1. Bill Cipher's Avatar
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    Congratz! I've had mine since the 21st, and I haven't even beaten Clay.
  2. Gengarzilla's Avatar
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    I got mine on the 12th and beat it in nine days. I think you're setting quite a good pace there.

    Yep, a Steel type with an Ice type move will really give Drayden problems, just ask my Metagross.


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