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Retreat Day 1

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I woke up early to finish writing my letters and to finish packing. It takes so long that I miss breakfast. It was already 7:07 and I think I had to be there by 7:10 so I just ran there (I live in the school by the way), which was really hard to do considering my luggage lol. I made it just in time and gave my classmates their letters. Then we get on the bus. I was the last. The bus' seats were in twos but the number of people on board was an odd number, so I sat alone. So when we got to the retreat house we got our stuff and chose our bunks. I was one of the last to get their stuff. I went up and everyone had a bunk and stuff already and I wasn't sure where to go. lol But someone invited me to their bunk. (oh my glob I'm not forever alone anymore! lol) The food was really good. lol Oh, and I saw a cat, in a bush, under a tree, licking itself. lol So anyways we had activities and junk, some of them were boring and stuff, though. But I liked the sleeping meditation, which would have been enjoyable but my pillow was rock hard and my head and neck hurt. Nighttime: We took a bath and there was a line to the bathroom because there were only four stalls. I actually high-fived someone from one stall when she was taking a bath. lol (she asked me to and raised her hand over the door) So at night everyone went crazy and stuff. There was a wild party and whatever. I slept the earliest, at around 1:30 am. I heard some people didn't even sleep at all.


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