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what did i just type


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by , 10th November 2012 at 08:48 AM (377 Views)
I'm thinking about making a user and playing Minecraft, what do you think? I wanna play the full version but it costs money, the problem isn't the price, though, it's the fact that you buy it online. My parents don't like online transactions, anything on the internet, even if it's super cheap (but Minecraft isn't super cheap, it's like $20...), if I ask them their answer would always be no, absolutely no. So I'll just make do with the free classic version... (because I don't want to download the full version without paying because it's illegal) I've been reading online articles about Minecraft for sometime now, though. I'm stocking up on Minecraft knowledge, just in case I need it. I know about mooshrooms, sheep, wolves...the clouds always go west, daytime is only ten minutes long...yeah a bunch of stuff, but I'm still a rookie. A big reason why I want the full version is you get to go to the jungle biome, get ocelots, and change skins. (I want a Minecraft skin of a girl, I found an awesome Fionna the human skin...too bad I won't be able to use it...since I won't be able to get the full version...) I'm just gonna have to use the classic version, though... A big reason why I didn't sign up earlier, though, is I couldn't think of a good username...but I think they updated the sign up process. Now it just asks for your e-mail, first name, and last name. (in terms of names) It doesn't ask for a username anymore... I wonder why... I wanna build a tree house in Minecraft. lol sorry for the weirdness and the randomness and if you don't know what the heck I'm talking about because you couldn't understand this blog entry lol Thanks for reading, though.

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  1. TheMissingno.'s Avatar
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    You need to get the full version, Classic sucks. $20 is a small price to pay for one of the greatest games ever made, especially when you have people paying $60 for the same fucking Madden game every single year.
  2. Vanillish Twilight's Avatar
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    I know but the price isn't the problem, the fact that it's an online transaction is. Even if it cost only 1 cent I doubt my parents would let me buy it...just because you pay online with your credit card and stuff.
  3. Jacko19863's Avatar
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    I know cracked limits you with multiplayer servers, And no skins ( :< ). But, It IS a good choice for people, Like you, To play it. I use it for the same reason.

    Also, Notch said it was fine as long as you don't distribute it.
  4. tyler212's Avatar
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    If your in the US you should know their are Minecraft Giftcards https://minecraft.net/prepaid

    If not I suggest trying to get one of those prepaid Visa giftcard thingies and using that without your parents knowing


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