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what did i just type

A lot has changed in one month and I'm still wondering what it is

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Sorry for my infrequent visits, but I don't think anyone missed me much anyways. I don't know, am I slowly losing interest in Pokemon? Am I outgrowing Pokemon? That really depresses me. I want to be interested again but my heart just isn't in it anymore, it's like Pokemon is just a fond childhood memory. I don't know, this scares me, am I growing up? Because I don't want to grow up, I don't want responsibility, work, any of it.

Yeah, it is true that I'm leaning more on Owl City than Pokemon lately and I'm more on Tumblr with the hoot owl fandom than anything else. Maybe if they revealed more about X and Y it would spark my interest again. I'm not sure. Perhaps I have grown up. I don't know, imagining me being all mature and stuff seems impossible. I'm stupid, really, I admit it. Look through my past entries, they're all stupid and "ranty" and "preachy" I don't know are those even real words? Yeah I do weird stupid stuff all the time I wonder how I survived my first year of high school. I'm sorry, guys. I still love Pokemon but it just seems like I'm slowly losing interest and it's just really depressing to think that I really am growing up. I'm actually pretty childish, you can tell. You know I am. Then why is this happening? I don't know, it's like I'm a different person from one month ago. Wow, character development. Sometimes I think my life is like a book and the author is slowly adding character development.

Or maybe I'm not losing interest in Pokemon and it's just that my interest in Owl City is greater in comparison. Yeah, that's probably it. If you got a bad impression of the hoot owl fandom from me, don't. There are a lot of hoot owls out there better than me, politer, more understanding and sympathetic; just don't judge a fandom based on one fan, ok? Although I do admit we are a bit aggressive sometimes. Like when swifties troll the Adam Young tag on Tumblr. It's just like can u not. Well, it's not our fault. Who wouldn't get annoyed when someone repeatedly brings up a ship in more trouble than the Titanic and sunk before it even left the docks?

I mean Taylor Swift made it pretty clear she wasn't interested when she completely ignored Adam's cover of Enchanted which he sent to her on Valentine's Day. Seriously, don't ship them or the whole fandom will thirst for your blood. Just sayin'. I have nothing against the swifties or anything, though, I just don't like the ship.

Sorry again for being stupid, but everyone was at some point. We just have to learn to be less stupid next time.

Oh yeah and sorry for the really ranty and preachy sort of blog posts. You might think that I take Adam way too seriously or something but I don't. In fact, rule #1 of the hoot owl fandom is never take Adam seriously. Especially his tweets. Like during his Twitter Q&A (every Thursday at 7 PM EST lol) someone asked him how he likes his pancakes and he said bloody and someone asked him what his favorite pizza topping is and he said bodies.

So, I'd just like to apologize one last time. I do weird random crap all the time. I'll just leave you with my favorite kind of Owl City lyrics, the kind that make people go all what because it just sounds like what...

'cause my blood cells cannot depend on the weather in photographs

I fall asleep in hospital parking lots

oh and here's one inspirational quote from him, there are many others but I don't memorize them, I tried to google that one about mountains but apparently there are a lot of mountain climbers named Adam and I coulnd't find it but anyways...

"If you can fly don't stop at the sky 'cause there's footprints on the moon"

Oh yeah and some people are all "he's just a guy on a computer, his music is lame" but actually he plays instruments, yeah shocking, I know. He can play the guitar and piano really well (I think he can also play the drums but I'm not sure) In fact, I love Cave In live better because of his electric guitar, it's just like wHOA. There was this one comment though that said he's pretending to play it but you know he's not, there is no electric guitar in the original track, it's just the camera that makes it look like that.

Anyways, I hope to see you around the forums, and if not; if perhaps I do lose interest in Pokemon, which would be really sad actually, then you know where to find me on Tumblr and my ask box is always open.

P.S. Sorry for run-on sentences or grammar mistakes and stuff.

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  1. Bulba_Panda's Avatar
    I can understand this. I'm pretty much the same (minus Owl City :P) it makes me sad to think about it, but you know, it just kinda happens eventually. There's loads of other people like this on here too.
  2. Baf's Avatar
    You're always welcome here, if your interest in Pokemon has diminished. And you're not the only one, I haven't even played a Pokemon game since before I joined.
  3. 33Whimsicott33's Avatar
    Its just news lull. It's better here when people have something to talk about.


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