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what did i just type

please don't take my blog entries too seriously that is all

  1. another rant you'd best avoid

    so yeah another rant, it's not Owl City related this time, tho

    So I'm studying for the literature exam but we had to read this book called "The Last Time I Saw Mother" and it's just bad

    One of the worst books ever
    I'm sorry

    I mean I acknowledge the effort and time the author put in making that book but really it's just bad

    The story itself isn't actually that bad (although the plot wasn't really that interesting) and there ...
  2. not a very interesting blog entry but at least it isn't a stupid one again

    well, I hope it isn't anyway.

    So yeah being back on the forums has uhhh reawakened(?) my love for Pokemon a bit more, but I don't think that I truly had stopped loving pokemon in the first place. I mean my Tumblr URL has pokemon in it, I still reblog a few pokemon posts (though I seldom blog about something not Owl City related so you'd have to scroll through a lot of pictures of Adam's face to find them lol) and I follow a couple of pokemon blogs. No, I don't think I have lost interest ...

    Updated 8th March 2013 at 04:26 AM by Vanillish Twilight

  3. I find it unnerving

    this was stupid, you wouldn't wanna read it anyways

    Updated 11th March 2013 at 05:07 AM by Vanillish Twilight

  4. A lot has changed in one month and I'm still wondering what it is

    Sorry for my infrequent visits, but I don't think anyone missed me much anyways. I don't know, am I slowly losing interest in Pokemon? Am I outgrowing Pokemon? That really depresses me. I want to be interested again but my heart just isn't in it anymore, it's like Pokemon is just a fond childhood memory. I don't know, this scares me, am I growing up? Because I don't want to grow up, I don't want responsibility, work, any of it.

    Yeah, it is true that I'm leaning more on Owl City than ...

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  5. Well, it's been fun but now I've got to go

    (bonus points if you got those were song lyrics^^^)

    My parents are getting suspicious about what I'm doing on the internet and I'm getting "too addicted" so... um, I'm going to be a lot less active from now on, I might occasionally pop in and post a bit but I have to keep a low profile. I have to focus more on my schoolwork, anyways, and this isn't helping.

    My farewell song.

    Goodbye everyone.

    P.S. you might be able to find me ...
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