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what did i just type

please don't take my blog entries too seriously that is all

  1. just stuff I wanted to say

    by , 25th March 2013 at 09:08 AM (what did i just type)
    this isn't very well organized or well written and I basically just ramble on about random stuff and I'd rather you just skip reading this don't say I didn't warn you

    so yeah hi right now I've got a bit of a fever and runny nose I swear I used up two rolls of tissue so yeah uuhhh I'm not sure why you're reading this honestly but uuhh I just wanted to say please don't like judge me based on my blog entries or like use them against me somehow in the future??? I wonder what people think ...
  2. asdfghjkl and more Owl City

    by , 22nd March 2013 at 11:32 PM (what did i just type)
    do u like the title i couldn't think of anything so yeah I'm stuck with that does anyone else just think about their old posts or blog entries or like look at an entry and think "wait how did this get so many views????" or do you like look at your entire life and think about every single stupid thing you have ever done until that point and just cringe because that's basically me this is Adam Randal Young and you are watching my slow descent into madness only on Disney Channel by the way ...

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  3. more change

    by , 21st March 2013 at 10:37 PM (what did i just type)
    I'm not sure what brought me to type this but yeah...

    so who remembers my older entry where I said that I'd never swear because Adam never swears and the farthest I would go is 'crap' because that's the most profanity Adam ever said? probably no one lol who has the time to look through my past entries anyways and who would want to I mean they're not even remotely interesting and I dunno it's weird because people used to ignore my blog and only comment occasionally then all of a sudden ...

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  4. so I just got my laptop back and I had a weird dream

    by , 21st March 2013 at 08:49 PM (what did i just type)
    I just finished a ridiculous scavenger hunt for my laptop which my younger sister prepared. I actually expected it to last longer like the whole day but it was easier than I expected. She made a bunch of clues like it was the Amazing Race or something lol. Oh and she hid my 3DS too. I basically had to just walk around the house looking for strips of paper. Well now that that's over with...

    Guys, I woke up today with a really weird dream. I'm not a whovian but I want to be but I've ...
  5. my random thoughts

    by , 21st March 2013 at 02:38 AM (what did i just type)
    this blog entry will cover several topics so don't be surprised if I like switch subjects in the middle of something because yeah it's random like what the title says, gonna put it in a spoiler because it's really long and come to think of it I could separate this into several blog entries but who cares I'm lumping them all together


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