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what did i just type

please don't take my blog entries too seriously that is all

  1. Retreat Day 1

    I woke up early to finish writing my letters and to finish packing. It takes so long that I miss breakfast. It was already 7:07 and I think I had to be there by 7:10 so I just ran there (I live in the school by the way), which was really hard to do considering my luggage lol. I made it just in time and gave my classmates their letters. Then we get on the bus. I was the last. The bus' seats were in twos but the number of people on board was an odd number, so I sat alone. So when we ...
  2. This is gonna take long...

    Hi guys, I'm back from my retreat. lol Um, a lot of things happened that I wanna tell you about but I'm not sure how to type it out and it might take a long time to type out and it might fill several blog entries...lol so anyways...

    I spent the day writing letters to my classmates for retreat. Because we're supposed to write letters to each other. It was really hard (some people who requested letters I barely even know lol, how am I ...
  3. Well, see you in four days

    Oh glob I did it again ...I posted before thinking, silly me. I got addicted to social groups or something somehow lol and I just joined and posted in a bunch of them but most of them haven't been active in over a year...so I might've broken a rule but I'm not sure because
    Quote Originally Posted by $aturn¥oshi View Post
    Social Group Rules: (Updated January 29, 2012)

    1b.) There are no rules regarding double posting or ‘bumping’ in Social Groups, unless it is clear other users, especially the owner, find such
  4. Lunchtime fun lol

    Ok, I know I already made a blog entry for today but I just couldn't wait until tomorrow, two things happened at lunch and I just had to share them with you.

    The first is: I asked my dad when the earliest time possible I'll be able to get Pokémon White 2 is, and he said "When it comes out." That went WAY better than expected, I was expecting "At Christmas." or something. (and I might get a 3DS XL along with it xD MY DREAM COME TRUE! lol)

    The second ...
  5. Nothing

    This is my first ever blog by the way. I have zero experience in blogging. That's why it's weird. Anyway for today:

    1. oh my glob I just made a mistake, hopefully no one notices it...

    2. lol

    3. I made a new data in my Pokemon Black. And I named my character after my friend. lol I got a female Oshawott and I'm gonna catch a Lilipup soon. lol
    My current goal: I make it past Pinwheel Forest.
    Time limit: by next week, Oct. 14 (because I'm only ...
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