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what did i just type

please don't take my blog entries too seriously that is all

  1. a random thing that happened a few days ago

    I can't remember the exact dialogue but the conversation went something like this:

    "Speak in a British accent."

    "I can't, I'll sound horrible..." <--- me

    "Come on"

    "Ok, fine, how long should my sentence be?"

    "As long as I can hear you"

    "I can't think of anything to say...can I throw in random British words?"

    "Ok, whatever." ...
  2. stuff that happened a few days ago that I forgot to tell you guys about

    My weird dream
  3. This entry is a little late...

    ...but it's better late than never, amirite? lol Anyways...this is what happened yesterday and what happened today:

    November 1- All Souls Day

    Went to the cemetery to visit my dead relatives...and guess what? Something is seriously wrong with our cemetery:

    1. people parked their cars on the lumping sidewalks

    2. random people wore creepy black cloaks and masks and ran around scaring people...oh glob, those trolls...

    November ...
  4. So I just beat Skyla

    lol, most of you probably already finished the game, but I'd like to remind you I only got mine last October 24. I trained everyone to around level 30, evolved Percy and taught Indigo Ice Punch (I flew back to Driftveil and paid 10 red shards to the move tutor guy) before challenging Skyla, and I beat her. I wonder what the heck happened to her Unfezant, though. Gonna keep training Indigo, gonna need Ice Punch to beat Drayden. Oh, and I CAUGHT AN EMOLGA!!! aw yea. level 25, girl, nicknamed ...
  5. Full of updates

    I updated my blog's name, yay.

    Here are updates for my Pokémon Black 2 progress:

    Beat Elesa
    Evolved Radioactiv, now a Crobat
    Made it to Driftveil City
    Got a Zorua from IforgothisnamebutIthinkitwasRood, I feel sad for putting it in the PC, but I didn't have any room for it in my team, I'm sorry N for imprisoning your Zorua, it's all alone in a box named SPECIAL
    I'm done talking with everyone in Driftveil, I got an Air Balloon from a ...
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