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what did i just type

guys, we have a problem

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by , 19th March 2013 at 05:06 AM (229 Views)
I haven't watched TV in such a long time I forgot which channels are which like what was Cartoon Network again? I think it used to be channel 35? but it's not all I remember is freaking Nickelodeon is channel 28 asdfghjkl oh yeah and I decided to pick up my 3DS after months of it just gathering dust on my desk and I caught a deerling and named it headlights lol deerlingintheeadlights then made it past Reversal Mountain finally but I noticed that it randomly turns off? and right now I can't turn it back on again? there's something wrong with its battery and I can't figure it out... like asdfghjkl is it broken because that's such a shame really what a waste of a perfectly good game console that millions of other people would be lucky to have and really asdfghjkl I charged it but it still wouldn't turn on or maybe it was overcharged? like I overloaded its battery or something? should I try again? because it seriously won't turn on and I'm just like asdfghjkl I hate my life. I'm not saying that I'm ungrateful for my life I just hate it sometimes asdfghjkl

P.S. you probably already know this/figured this out but I'm gonna say it anyway:
when I say stuff like u or tho or asdfghjkl, I'm not illiterate or whatever, I do that on purpose it's just something I picked up from Tumblr

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  1. maglev's Avatar
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    Over here Cartoon Network is 601. Nick is 604. Well, that's true if you have sky, which is satellite television, in case you didn't know.
  2. Please Understand's Avatar
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    What cable do you use?

    Oh, that sucks about you and your 3DS. Call Nintendo.
  3. Zexy's Avatar
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    Your 3DS issue will be kinda a problem by the time Gen 6 comes out.

    The lesson: There is no reason for people to buy consoles much sooner than needed... (Yet, it was useful in B2/W2 too, but anyway...)

    You should either call them or message them through the Net.
  4. Karamazov's Avatar
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    Coincidentally, your 3DS broke when the new Pikachu 3DS comes out. Huh.

    As for your channel issue, try checking your TV guide. Or, if you don't get the guide, look it up online. It's what I did when my dad got satellite and all the channels changed.


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