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what did i just type

Full of updates

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I updated my blog's name, yay.

Here are updates for my Pokémon Black 2 progress:

Beat Elesa
Evolved Radioactiv, now a Crobat
Made it to Driftveil City
Got a Zorua from IforgothisnamebutIthinkitwasRood, I feel sad for putting it in the PC, but I didn't have any room for it in my team, I'm sorry N for imprisoning your Zorua, it's all alone in a box named SPECIAL
I'm done talking with everyone in Driftveil, I got an Air Balloon from a gentleman in a hotel, a Haban berry from the mouth of an Axew ...and other stuff, I forgot...

evolve Starlight the Flaaffy
train everyone to level 30
beat Clay

Other stuff:
I'm gonna fly back to Virbank complex and catch a Magnemite, gonna Magnemite chain since the internet on my 3DS XL is finally working and I can use the GTS

THANKS FOR READING!!! I encourage you to read my previous blog entries too, except for the stupid ones, avoid those, I apologize for my stupidity.

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