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what did i just type

asdfghjkl and more Owl City

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do u like the title i couldn't think of anything so yeah I'm stuck with that does anyone else just think about their old posts or blog entries or like look at an entry and think "wait how did this get so many views????" or do you like look at your entire life and think about every single stupid thing you have ever done until that point and just cringe because that's basically me this is Adam Randal Young and you are watching my slow descent into madness only on Disney Channel by the way my sister actually has a paper with a list of all the channels so yeah that problem got sorted out oh and I swear Adam's Twitter gets weirder and weirder everyday like he went on a random following spree and now he follows 51 people??? I swear it was just 18 the last time I checked but yeah Adam does what he wants 'cause he's Adam Young he's Adam freaking Randal Young

I sometimes wonder what people think about me liking Owl City. Do they perhaps think it's for the sake of being "unique", that it's for the sake of being different from everyone else in my school who likes 1D? Or that I just like Owl City because I like Adam Young's face? because I'm telling you I loved his songs way before I bothered to google "who are the band members of Owl City?" and I just like Owl City because I like it, not because "you probably never heard it before" I wouldn't care whether it's obscure or whether it's popular and I like Adam because I like his music not the other way around. I mean I'm sure there are other decent bands out there but they're not really in the genre of music that I like and there's just something different about Adam's music that I can't quite put my finger on but really his songs are inspiring and Owl City is pretty much the only reason I survived my first year of high school, he helped me cope with the crushing loneliness and with my problems and motivated and inspired me, that's why I like Owl City because his songs aren't like the ones from other bands/artists about getting drunk and partying and going to clubs??? lol the only time Adam ever even mentioned alcohol was in Dental Care and that was to say not to drink and drive

lol I love the fact that he never did it to get famous, that he never did it to get "recognized" he just made music because he loved doing it and he shared some of his songs on Myspace, other people liked it then eventually a record company found him like how cool is that

P.S. what is life what is proper punctuation what is air

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