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School tommorow

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by , 7th October 2012 at 04:24 AM (221 Views)
This is my very first blog post :)

Well, Its the end of the school holidays. I've been to friends houses, Training pokemon, Playing on the computer, Talking to you wonderful people till about 10:30pm everyday. Tomorrow, I have to get up at 8am (Instead of like 11am) to go to school. Why do they have to put us through school D:

I know you learn stuff, But I'd much rather stay @ home & talk to you guys.

- Jacko

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  1. The Togekiss's Avatar
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    Once upon a time, there was a magical place called school. People would be kept away from the awesome things in life, such as video games and the internet while in this magical place.
    Instead, these people would be subjected to a torture of over 6 hours, locked in a sweaty room with at least 20 other people around the same age, and being enslaved by a much older person who would order these people around. These people, known as "students",were forced to sit through lectures about awful things such as "math" and "history", undergoing a terrible process known as "learning".

    The End.
  2. Wishmaker Jirachi's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Togekiss
    The End.
    There is no end to education.
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  3. The Togekiss's Avatar
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    Now for the continuation of this magical tale.
    Once these students were done with this magical place known as "school", They would go to a place known as the real world. They are enslaved by this thing called "society". And they would have to go to an even more magical place known as "work". They would have to spend at least 40 years in the magical place known as work. During that time, they may create "children" to be sent to school for further enslavement. If odds were at their side, they could finally leave this magical place called "work" and live out the rest of their pitiful lives until they can't live anymore, leaving their bodies to be stuck in a hole in the ground to rot, or to be burned to ashes by unforgiving fires and stuck into an urn.

    Now...The End.
  4. Kyouhei!'s Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Togekiss (In a Nutshell)
    School Sucks.
    At least I have a really good teacher.
  5. Jacko19863's Avatar
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    Heh, My teacher is taking me over to another school to see how their minecraft LAN server works. He might let me use one in a minecraft class I'm running ATM. Well, My teacher this year was better than the one last year. But Mr. Baker from my old school tops them all. :)

    Anyway, Theres only 10 more weeks of school till I have to start highschool (Or year 7, Because in america they call it middle school or something) And its gonna be massive, Considering theres about 2000-4500 kids there, And my school now has 56 kids ¬.¬


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