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Pokémon Black 2.

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About 1 month ago, I obtained Pokemon Black 2 version. I've been playing it for a while, I've got 35 or so hours on it.
I'm training for the 4th gym, In which all pokemon will be level 30 except my starter, Which will be level 32. (I have a fear of being underleveled, So I overlevel :<)
Also, When they are all fully evolved, I will be renaming them. Soon, I will also get rid of "Minipete". I traded a growlithe for it on GTS negotiations. Its good, But I prefer something better. I'm thinking of replacing it with Zorua.
Dewott (Splash): Lv32
Ampharos (Amphy): Lv30
Lucario (Auros): Lv24
Tranquill (Glide): Lv27
Emolga (Minipete): Lv30 (To be replaced with Zorua)
Genesect: Lv28.

Is it good? I can't wait to get the 4th gym badge :3

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  1. Water Max's Avatar
    I think the 4th Gym leader is one of the hardest gym leaders in Black 2 and White 2. As the Fresh Water person says Ground is super effective against Electric so if you encounter problems with Elesa I would used a Trapinch, Sandile or Sandshrew caught in route 4. I've had Black 2 and White 2 since the release date and I've completed the story of Black 2 and I obtained my 7th badge in Challenge Mode of White 2 today.
  2. Jacko19863's Avatar
    Waaaaait. You can catch trapinch? Awesome :)
  3. Master Simm's Avatar
    I had no trouble with Elesa. Trapinch owns everything, including Emolga, thanks to Rock Slide. You know who I had trouble with? Freaking Clay.


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