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persona trinity 4

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by , 26th November 2012 at 04:34 PM (221 Views)
ok so i was spposed to spend all of yesterday reading a book for english called great gatsby. so of course instead i went online the internet and spent the entire day doing nothing and ended up reading the entire book today since there is an essay tomorow. but now that im done i can share what i did in my exciting day of nothing yesterday.
Now yesterday i discovered a new anime called persona: trinity soul, that is really cool and i highly recommend. it is apparently based off a series of persona video games that i am now very eager to play. this post is to spread the word about the anime and also hear comments about what people think of it. not about what they think of the book The Great Gatsby because honestly that book was awful.
I also got into fallout: new vegas again and played the game the whole way through from waking up in goodsprings killing the Legate with holy hand frag grenades. that took like a good 6 hours
lastly i cried myself to sleep because when i went down to my refrigerator to get some sunny D i found out we were out.

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    Call me Sir goddammit!


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