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Life Dump 2

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by , 29th September 2012 at 10:47 AM (174 Views)
Yesh. So I decided to name these things where I post a bunch of stuff about my life here for your enjoyment, I think every week or every other week. Although, I'm not sure you'll actually enjoy it... Anyway, moving on...

So. Homecoming at my school this week. Even though I'm a senior, I can officially say that I'm a first timer. I've got a group of friends that I'm going with, and it's going to be pretty awesome. No, I don't have a date. Yes, I realize that I should. No, I don't care.
Recently, I decided to go on a legendary catching spree on my White version. I ended up catching both Cobalion and Virizion within 10 minutes, both with regular PokeBalls. At which point, by little brother was in a state of disbelief. I could honestly say that I was too, sort of.
This week, while doing some things to my desktop, I learned something somewhat concerning. It's WAY outdated. How outdated? The thing's approaching ten years of age. TEN YEARS. Maybe that's why I wanted to throw it out the window at the highest floor of my house at times. My mom says that it somehow made me more patient, to which I actually agreed with. So all those new computers, when I go on them and browse the internet, I'm like, "Holy schidt, is this normal?"

You know what, why am I even doing this right now? I have a project to do.


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  1. Sunburn's Avatar
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    You don't need a date to go to homecoming, I went with a group of friends to both homecoming and prom my senior year :) lots of people do it. Nobody should judge you just because you don't have a date, I didn't want one myself :P

    Lol, get back to your project!


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