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LD 3: Ghosts N' Stuff

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Greetings fellow people of the forums. This is the third installment of me telling things about my life; it's ups, downs, and so on and so forth.

Before I start, I would like to say that I am sorry for being away for a while. I had many a thing to do. You know, those things like life, homework, and such. But I can say that I'm going to be active again.

Anywho, let's get a move on.

So, Halloween has come and passed, which is why I titled this life dump the way I did. Simple enough. In any case, I would like to say that I didn't go trick-or-treating. I'm too old. :C But, I do enjoy passing out the candy. I put some make-up on to look like a skeleton, and passed out some of that candy. As for pumpkins, I have a sort of tradition now. It's a Jack-o-snowman. That's right. A snowman made out of pumpkins. It always seems to get good reviews by people, as I have gotten several comments on it while I was passing out candy. Also, I decided to copy a page from Slender, the game, and put it on a tree outside the house. Surprisingly, very few people noticed... It made me sad.
So. Minecraft. Yeah. I have officially became addicted. I've been spending WAY too much time playing the damn thing. Getting the hang of all the crafting, scoffing at creepers, digging a mine all the way to the bedrock, you know. All that stuff. And I just keep doing things, especially in creative mode. So yeah. I can say that that was one of the reasons I haven't been on.
Let me just start something here. Disney bought out LucasArts and are planning on making episodes 7, 8, and 9 of Star Wars. If there's one thing I geek out more on than Pokemon, it's Star Wars. Like, seriously. Although, after looking around at the internet and it's opinion on the matter, it's generally negative. I feel like I'm the only one out there wit a shred of hope that it might be good. Oh, I could just go on and on about what could be in the movie, like how Boba Fett could be one of the antagonists. That, of course, could be saved for later, since it's all pretty much speculation.

Alright. I feel like you've read enough. Let me leave you with this, though: Walt Disney of Disney fortune and fame, was actually afraid of mice.

Stay awesome

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