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Ideas, among other things.

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Right. So, I've kind of been milking this idea for a Pokemon-based story. The only problem is that I am having troubles moving the story along. After I get a few things sorted out, though, I may start posting some chapters in the appropriate section. So far, it's looking pretty decent, and the hook that's in the prologue is pretty intense. But I won't talk about it anymore.

Another thing is that I have surpassed 100 posts. I guess it's some sort milestone. I meant to post a blog a while ago including it. The reason I didn't is because I felt stupid since I couldn't recover the blog after I pressed that nice little "save draft" button. There are probably several blogs in there...

Also, I need to start thinking about changing my background and color scheme to something wintery, which should be done within the next week.

I'm also working on a little wintery icon which, to be honest, might never get done. I'm such a procrastinator.

Right. So, I guess that's it then.

Keep it real, (Who says that anymore? I do.)

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