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Friends and a Mistake

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Before I post another wall of text, this isn't a rant or anything (although I do have one regarding friends, but that's for another time...)

Anyway, today I chatted with one of my friends. Due to our schedules for class, we don't really see each other a lot anymore. It's a shame, really. So, we had a brief conversation over Facebook. It was fine and dandy and all, but it sort of felt.... awkward. At least, it did for me. My friend seemed perfectly fine with it. I guess that's just me being me, though. Not the best converser in the world, nor am I the most outgoing. I guess I just feel like we've been growing distant...

In other life related things, I recently had my party all ready to go to the Elite Four in my White version, and for some strange and unknown reason, I thew a key player of my party, a Zebstrika, up into the GTS. Why? I think it was that the special attack was pretty week, and I didn't want to go through training another one. Bad choice. I ended up having to train another one anyway. I've also noticed that my party is unintentionally sexist. They're all male. It's odd. While on the topic of pokemon gender, my friend has the uncanny ability to get female starters.

Alright, that's enough for now. I don't want to bore you with my life. Then again, if you have read this, then you think it isn't all that boring. Whatevs.


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