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Buahahaha! After SO long, I've finally beaten the E4 in my White Version! The surprising part is that I didn't use my starter, a Serperior. I kind of feel bad for it, but whatever. The deed has been done.

Oh, and here. Have a 3D full restore. I made this while in an AutoCAD class at my school. The renders would have been better, but it was the last day and I couldn't spend enough time on it as I wished I could have. The colors all came out wrong and the lighting is derpy and inconsistent.

For the record, this was really hard. There's only one angle ever given of the full restore. The rest of it is pretty much up to interpretation. I honestly think the back of it should have something else, because right now it looks pretty... blank. But, what's done is done, as I no longer have access to CAD.


Stay awesome,

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  1. Zeta's Avatar
    Serperior kind of sucks in BW1. But Aqua Tail and Dragon Tail make it a beast in BW2.


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