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  1. First blog here in a while.

    by , 27th July 2013 at 05:48 PM (Just Another Blog)
    It's been, what, a month since my last blog here? Jeez.

    Okay, I'll be honest. I kind of sort of may have forgotten to do the blogging thing here and may or may not have been blogging at a different location. Maybe. >.>

    A big thing has happened during that time, though.

    I am now a college student.

    I have registered for all my classes and my schedule fine-tuned. Got 16 credit-hours going for me for the semester. And it all ...
  2. Pokemon: The Illusionist

    by , 5th June 2013 at 09:58 PM (Just Another Blog)
    So, after a while of thinking, I've decided to release my unfinished story, Pokemon: The Illusionist. You could view it here. And the awesome thing is that you could watch me write in real time. So that's cool.

    But if you're not sure whether or not to go and read, here's a plot summary.

    Cedar had a pretty good life as a Leafeon. He was a berry forager for a local merchant, and many would consider him to be just another average Leafeon. However, one day his life changed ...
  3. Whooooops.

    by , 5th June 2013 at 12:11 AM (Just Another Blog)
    I dropped my DSi one too many times and this happened:

    Fortunately, the damage is only aesthetic, meaning that it's still perfectly functional with no real hindrance besides dead pixels and a visible crack. The weird thing is that the dead pixels vary a lot, due to the fact it's an LCD screen. They're ...

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  4. WOOHOOO!!!

    by , 25th May 2013 at 08:38 PM (Just Another Blog)
    Today I officially graduated from high school!
    If I was in a less competitive high school, I probably would have graduated with honors. But no. I have a GPA of about 4.5 (of 5), and I'm only in the top 25% of the class of around 500. So yeah. Super competitive. But all that doesn't matter now! I'm DONE! Now a bit of a break, and then on to college.

  5. A picture and a lol.

    by , 18th May 2013 at 11:40 PM (Just Another Blog)
    The picture:

    The lol:
    NSFW WARNING: There's some language and plenty of blood, and the thumbnail isn't exactly appropriate either. But this video is SOO hilarious. I just HAD to share it with you wonderful folks.

    That is all.

    Stay Awesome,

    Updated 19th May 2013 at 12:00 AM by JustAnotherLeafeon

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