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Another facelift, the faux-pocolypse, and other things

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by , 21st December 2012 at 11:29 PM (1386 Views)
Another day, another little blog/update/whatever.

As you can see, I have completely changed my layout. Why? Because I can, mostly. I felt like since it's winter, it needed a wintery vibe. Ta-da. The only issue I have is with the title of my blog, which I cannot change the color to. So it didn't turn out exactly as expected, by my profile did. Weee....

Speaking of profile, I made myself an avatar. That's right. I have minor artistic talent and made the avatar that you would see if I were to post on the forum. (Not the pic over there.)

Also, if you're reading this, I'm glad to say that you're alive. Congratulations.

V Picture related.

ALSO! I shall again say that I have been working on and off on a little story-type-thingy. Pokemon related. It should be good since my creative writing teacher has been literally begging me to join the school newspaper. The prologue and first chapter might be posted soon. I don't know. I guess it depends how much time I have on my hands since I'm baking a crap-load of cookies this weekend.

AND! (I need to find more segways)
Snow has come at last. A lot less than expected, but still. It's snow. With it, the temperature dropped about 10°F. I get cold easily. Like, I'm typing this while wearing half gloves. And a heavy hoodie. And my favorite hat. So, I'm happy because of snow, but sad because of cold.
Such is my life. A bunch of contradictions. Like how I still eat ice cream even though it's below freezing out.

I'm off of school for the next two weeks. That means two weeks off of AP Calculus. Yesh.

Enjoy your various warm beverages,

EDIT I just realized that I forgot to shade a part of my icon. :C

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  1. tyler212's Avatar
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    Nice Work on the Marvin pic, he is one of the best Loony Tunes "villains" other then Gossamer. And I know how you feel about the cold. I want it to snow but I don't want it to be cold.
  2. 33Whimsicott33's Avatar
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    I remember that quote.

    "Oh, I'm going to blow up the Earth."
  3. Jacko19863's Avatar
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    Me and chris laughed for 20 mins about that. It was just funny :)


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