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  1. Bulbagarden Game Night - Friday Night CAH

  2. I may have just found a truth about the Pokemon Universe.

    by , Yesterday at 06:29 PM (The Everchanging Forest of the Internet)
    I have found the ultimate truth to the Pokémon Universe:

    There is no canon. All is canon except for what directly defies the word of GAME FREAK. Certain events and laws of physics are common across all canon. These events are present in Sinnoh mythology up to the banishment of Giratina.
    The following five dimensions interact in a single universe to create upon which the Distortion World directly reflects: Palkia's Dimension, Dialga's Dimension, Dimension ...
  3. It won't ever help you in real life.

    That's what I've often been told about my nerdy habits and interests. I learned to stop caring about that a long time ago, although it still pisses me off whenever my parents use it to scold me for something.

    However, I've started to notice that may not be entirely correct, even in my case. My gaming habits have lead me to places like this, forums. I've spent a lot of time debating with others, creating my own arguments based on both my opinions and facts that I could gather, and ...
  4. Waxing lyrical about nostalgic tapes and my immediate future

    So, has anyone here ever come across an 'old' music collection? Like an ipod or mp3 player unused for several years. How about cassette tapes?

    After I moved I recently acquired a tape player and found a bunch of old tapes from nearly 20 years ago(!) Let me explain at this point that many of the songs were stuff that i liked at the time and as with many children of the 90s, these songs were recorded off chart shows from TV and radio. How i can tell is because the announcers and DJ ...
  5. Cutting your own toenails sucks

    I mean, I can do it!! But it takes a billion years and is incredibly awkward.

    Still, was the only thing I could really do. Need to get clean in the mornings now thanks to waking up...well. In the interests of protecting the queasiest people who are around here, I'll simply say needing to get clean.

    That is all.
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