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The Team Is Finalized

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Okay, for starters, I preface this by saying my team is not compromised of dragons. Sadly, I don't have a single dragon type in my team. However, that's not to say I'm without dragon type moves. Anyway! Moving along.

I realized it just started a bit ago and I'm a bit behind the ball, but here is my team for the tournament:

I went with these types so I could have as well rounded and diverse of a team as I could. There are no dragon or dark types on the team, but I'm not without their moves. Oh! Or ice types, but I have that covered too. I refuse to give out my entire moveset, but that's the list right there. As I mentioned earlier, I ran into a serious problem with this team. Electric types could pretty much have their way with me and one Zebrastrika did. Granted, I was outleveled, but I had nothing to deal super effective damage that could have evened the odds. I solved that problem quickly by teaching Venusaur Earthquake.

I'm not entirely comfortable with the team I have, but I've had to make myself realize that any combination I go with is going to leave me open to a certain Pokemon or a certain dual typing or so on. It has it's weaknesses as I'm sure anyone could point out, but it has it's strengths as well and I've tried to leave myself options for almost every situation I could think of. I'd also rather go in with Pokemon that I like as opposed to Pokemon of a same type that might work better (You could never make me trade out a Charizard).

I'm really crossing my fingers and hoping my internet behaves so I can participate in the tournament. Which I plan to start participating in when I wake up. If it doesn't behave, then i'm just stuck until saturday when I have a vehicle again. Unfortunately I've been stranded at the house without a vehicle for the weekend. I'm also still training the Venusaur as we speak. But after this last run against the elite four, I think I'm confident enough to give the tournmanet a go. Though my confidence for doing any good in the tournament is a different matter entirely. This is the first one I've participated in and I'm without my lovable legendaries I love to throw on my team. My poor Mewtwo is sidelined for this one, along with my Giratina.

I could have chosen other legendaries that are permitted in the tournament, but I have pride in these little babies I raised from level one, all hatched from eggs. Well, except the Jolteon was apparently a trade over but it was a level one. Anyway, I can't think of anything else to add other than senseless rambling. I'm good at senseless rambling. Especially at this hour. Anyway! I'm going to need all the luck in the world to make it out of this one alive!

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  1. Catilena1890's Avatar
    You can do it Draggum! The power of Charizard is with you!


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