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Preparation T for Training

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by , 8th September 2012 at 07:57 PM (153 Views)
So I finally decided on the sixth and final member for my team. I suppose I'm happy enough about the decision but running through training with my team, I realized a glaring weakness. I'm glad I discovered it sooner rather than later and compensated for it accordingly after I ran into it. However, it's given me a bit of doubt here and there on if I chose the proper team for this and if I would truly be prepared for anything if I managed to overlook this one thing. I guess it would be natural for most people to have a little doubt, especially after coming across something they feel they should have seen beforehand.

I have to admit I haven't been doing as much training as I would like for this new team. I want to make them Elite Four worthy, but I haven't worked a single one up to that point yet and the tournament is only a few days away. Granted, I got them to the point where I can use them in the tournament, but further training will only help me that much more. Considering I ran into one problem and managed to compensate for it before I came across it in the tournament, I would definitely say further training can only help. I'll tell what that weakness was when I feel like revealing my team. And I won't be revealing them in this blog either. I want to be a little more comfortable with my choices. I want to make sure I have the right moveset solidified and everything before I feel like I can reveal them. I'm just glad I finally settled on the entire team of six.

I'm back to training as we speak. The Elite Four must be facepalming now. This is like the dozenth time I've battled them. But hey, it makes good money and trains my team well all at the same time. A few more times at this and I should start making the switch from my old team to the new one I'm raising as regulars to battle the Elite Four. I don't see anything pressing coming up in the next few days that will have my full attention, so if I just stop being lazy about it then I could have my entire team Elite Four worthy within the next couple days or so.

New goal. At least ONE of them will be able to take on the Elite Four tonight. It may take a bit and it may get monotonous, but I have to feel like I accomplished something with the tournament coming up this weekend.

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