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Plans Fall Through

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So sad. So very sad. If things had went according to plan, I would have a copy of White 2 in my hands within the next couple of hours. Sadly, things did not. I had planned on cashing a check on friday and pre-ordering the game at the nearby gamestop to pick up sunday afternoon. Even if for some reason I couldn't pre-order the game, I'm pretty positive I could have gotten my hands on a copy of White 2 somewhere.

Unfortunately I did not get to cash my check and I've been sick all weekend long. Tomorrow I have to go out to a doctor's appointment, so I'll just have to try my hand at cashing the check and buying it then. Also have the first volume of the first season of Pokemon coming to my house this week as well. A belated birthday present from my sister. This week will totally be worth the wait. Meanwhile, however, I think I'll be avoiding some friends and some sites today until I have the game in my hands. I have to avoid getting too jealous. XD

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  1. 33Whimsicott33's Avatar
    Good luck, I hope everything turns out alright.


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