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Finally It Is Mine! of a few days ago

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So this past tuesday I finally got my copy of White 2. I had to go through a couple of stores, but I finally stopped at a gamestop and they had only one copy that I could see. While at gamestop I also figured out why I hadn't been getting my issue of game informer every month. They misspelled the town I was from and didn't include part of my road's name. When I renewed my power card thingy, all this was corrected. Thank goodness.

The next day, my late birthday present came in as well. I now have the first volume of the first season of Pokemon. I've been sick with sinus stuff so all this has kept me preoccupied. I finished the first disk last night. Today I need to do some serious grinding with my team. Oh! I've already decided that the most annoying gym, to me, is Roxie's gym. Simply because of the song that plays in it. I had it stuck in my head for awhile there.

If it hadn't been for last night watching over half a dozen episodes of Pokemon, it'd still be stuck in my head. Now the original Pokemon theme song and the Poke rap are stuck in my head. It's a better alternative, in my mind at least. Over all, I'm enjoying the game. I like that, unlike in Black and White, you can have previous generations of Pokemon to catch and put in your team from the start. I have a Growlithe, Elekid, and Lucario in my team already. I've enjoyed some of the extra content as well, like owning my own avenue and inviting people to set up shops and recommending people to them. I don't know why, but I'm obsessive over that. I come back and check that multiple times just to see if there's some people wandering around I can bug to invite or recommend shops.

My favorite feature by far has to be the habitat feature. I've been all about collecting every Pokemon I can find on this game. That feature is helping quite a bit. I always forget which Pokemon I've captured and I can always know if I've discovered every Pokemon on that route or in that area. I'm sure as I progress through the game I'll only find more things I like. I've still got quite a ways to go.

Well, I better get back to focusing on leveling up my team. My poor Elekid is constantly fainting because I'm running into Pokemon five levels over him. That's a clear indicator I haven't done enough training. XD

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