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Meh heh heh....

The New Year (it's a sad day)

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The New Year is possibly my first or second least favorite holiday. Everyone celebrates the anniversary of my dog's death. Here's a random blog for him. Barney was a rescue dachshund, yet he was like my brother. Before I got him, he lived locked in a filthy bathroom for 10 months, but you never could have guessed it. He loved life and lived with more zest than any other. He was smart, quirky, and lovable. He died of bone cancer some years ago, and I'll never fully heal from that loss. I will always remember and love him.

But Happy New Years, for real. I hope everyone has a wonderful 2013.

EDIT: And as for reflecting on this year, it's been good. I got an account on here, discovered some amazing bands, met JHONEN VASQUEZ, saw LINKIN PARK and SLIPKNOT in concert, and discovered YU-GI-OH! ZEXAL!!!!

ANOTHER EDIT: As for my resolution, it's to be less awkward and wimpy, be a good person, work out more, be more motivated with creativity and opportunities, to jump off a diving board (I have Zexal to thank for that one), help ReshiramDragonofTruth get Malefics, #92, and whatever other cards she needs, and to learn how to properly play Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh!.

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  1. Jack Pschitt's Avatar
    I'm happy that there are only a few more hours left in this horrendous year.
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
    Aww, I'm sorry. But I'm glad you got to have such a close relationship with him. :3


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