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Meh heh heh....

Everyone's Gone (O-O)

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Only 18 other members online. Did I miss the apocalypse or somethin'?? It's creepily abandoned!!

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  1. Rainbow's Avatar
    X and Y must've released early and I don't know it :u
  2. Akromatic's Avatar
    The apocalypse is over. 409 users online.
  3. Abba's Avatar
    database error happened to me maybe it happened to all
  4. Durbe's Avatar
    Dark Mist happened.
  5. Xita's Avatar
    We're too busy playing Pokemon
  6. Konstantinos's Avatar
    We are afflicted by a virus called S-C-H-O-O-L.
  7. Niji's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by gaara sword
    Dark Mist happened.
    Randomly making this my temporary sig XD .


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