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Meh heh heh....

Birthday (crap, what ta write?)

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So...I was born a while ago on this very date. It was in my old house, a tiny purple thing with a little yard full of raspberry and blueberry bushes, and plum trees. At that time I had 3 wonderful cats. A pair of slightly younger twins lived to my right, some nice older kids up the street, and a brick house full of slightly older punks lived across from me. I remember playing in a dumpster with them once. It was fun, but not nearly as great as lying in my backyard with my dad in the evening under the chestnut tree and watching for bats. That memory brings tears to my eyes. On the date of my birth there was such a terrible blizzard that my mom had to give birth at home. It was also when the winter Daphne, a wedding gift to my parents, bloomed. So there's some fun trivia for my many fans.

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  2. Helioptile's Avatar
  3. Niji's Avatar
    I'm starting ta worry why everyone sounds so disturbed O~O . Ya guys, these are just what my blog entries are like.
  4. Durbe's Avatar
    At least it's memorable.
  5. Niji's Avatar
    Oh, and FYI, the memory that brought tears to my eyes was the memory about watching for bats, not the memory of my birth, just in case that was confusing XD .


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