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Jaden Yuki

Pokemon Parody

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by , 14th October 2012 at 02:36 PM (128 Views)
Try singing this in tune for the Pokemon theme song!

I wanna be a Partyer, like lots of people are.
Dancing is my real test, to eat food is my cause!
I will Boogie across the floor,
eat the Free donughts,
Then I'll get Arrested right there,
For taking up the floor,
Party Guy! He's a Party dude!
He's a Marlon Deoxys Mix (Avatar!)
Oh, He's my avatar he is topless but he's cool!
Party Guy! This is a Success,
He Knows what to do,
Deoxys powers it is so new,
Dance with Him he'll dance with you,
Party Guy!
He's my avatar, He's my avatar,
Party Guy!

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