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Jaden Yuki

Bruno mars- Grenade Parody

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Not a bike, not a car,
That's not what I ride in,
Scooter, Motorbike, none of those are true.
Maybe, a better transport,
will fit all my needs oh Skate Skate Skateboard no that will not do,
I gave you my transport but you broke it in a day,
Broke it in a day you did...
to give me my stuff back is all I ever asked cuz,
What you don't understand is I want a Private Jet,
With a Hot Tub and Bowling set,
Maybe to have one I need Respect,
For you anything would do yeah yeah,
And I would go through all this pain,
Just to earn a Special Plane,
Yes it's like I'm american,
I want a Plane!

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