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Your local ray of SUNSHINE

The sun(why it sucks)

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The sun causes many global problems like global warming and the ice caps melting( i know they are the same just ran out of ideas) and then they cause heat strokes to many people but then the nght is awesome because the moon causes nothing while th esun is as deadly as a gun killing thousands of people a year That is the end of this rant tomorrows rant will be about bullies and why they bully kids that are smaller and more weak then them

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  1. Seizon Senryaku's Avatar
    Good luck surviving without sunlight (b")b
  2. Blazaking's Avatar
    You would be dead without the sun.
  3. Captain_Kaos's Avatar
    All you are is NEGITIVE(joking)
  4. Kyuuketsuki's Avatar
    I agree. We should get rid of the sun. I'm accepting donations that will go towards the goal.
  5. Karamazov's Avatar
    moon causes nothing
    Wrong. Werewolves.
  6. Oswin's Avatar
    The Sun is awesome and you know it.
  7. John Understands's Avatar
    If there was no sun, there would be no heat. And if there were no heat, we would all die. The sun is like life, without it is like death.
  8. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    But the moon can cause tsunamis and earthquakes.
  9. John Understands's Avatar
    @Ghetsis-Dennis; Is that so?

    Then, sun represents life, and moon represents death. In other words, without life, there would be death.

    Basically this. The light means sun, and the unlitness meant death.

    Remove pic if neccesary. I always wanted to use this pic since I seen this blog.
  10. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    @johnr754; There have been scientific evidence that tidal waves in the ocean have a connection to the moon's gravity.
  11. Reila's Avatar
    Sun sucks.
  12. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    The sun makes it possible for life on Earth to exist, the moon dosen't do this, it's just a rock and has no light of it's own.


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