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Your local ray of SUNSHINE

The night

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Nights in AUS (brisbane time) is so much more boring when it is not raining because the murkey depths are not as misty and full of rain water anyway it is such a big bore not being able to steal someones soul it sucks and after their soul is gone what you do is absorb their life energy then hide the bodys in your underground HQ which is built out of various metals that kick ass against darklings which have sprouted ever scince 'Jessica Day' saved her home town called bixby in ocklahoma (sorry bout spelling) and the things are so stupid and i advise people to wear 13 pointed stars and make sure u see rex green to make sure its clean (ITS A JOKE) so get ready for 2morrows rant WATCH OUT PEOPLE SLITHERS BITE

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  1. Dragonfyre's Avatar
    Night is always friggin' amazing. Nuff said.
    Updated 4th September 2012 at 08:10 AM by Dragonfyre
  2. Force Fire's Avatar
    Something about Oklahoma and a chick named Jessica and wearing 13 pointed stars....


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