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I close it in for another week

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by , 18th November 2012 at 06:56 AM (162 Views)
As the week ends i reflect and my overview is,
Got bullied bad, kick a ball into said bully, smash my brothers head against window sill causing 5 sitches, almost losing control, tried to get a girl to go out with me, no luck for that,

And that is my week exciting right wrong it sucked

Goodnight world give me a good sleep

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    Sorry about your week. School's only going to be a small part of your entire life, and even while you're still in school, there are always great things to pull you through. Think about your friends, Nickelback, awesome video games, and anything that makes you feel better. Think of Spiderman- ouch- I mean Manspider kicking everyone's butts. There's going to be a future that will make up for your past. When Chad Kroeger was younger, he was on the run from the police, he got in fights, his mom was in rehab, he witnessed suicide, he sold drugs, and he shoplifted and stole trucks. Now he's playing amazing music that supports other people. Here's a lame song from my childhood that always cheers me up The Brave Little Toaster - Hang In There Kid - YouTube.

    I'm thankful I don't have a sibling, 'cause I'd have already permanently disfigured them by this age.


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