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guess i cant stay away

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by , 28th February 2013 at 06:25 AM (246 Views)
I have been told that people will understand my problems. No one understands my problems, i am in an awkard position. My mind is different to others, i am not smart but imperfections, there is a voice, i can't work in noise, I have a short attention span, my mind does horrible things to me, it is a prison and me a prisoner, i believe in magic, myths, mythical creatures, i write to suppress the fantasies I have, but one thing that kept me going, they are the reason i am here today, they tried to help me, the person that can not be helped, but they amuse me, they are good, innocent people.

I have recently tried to reject rejection, but it is a powerful thing that stings whenever you talk/see/think about that person, my life cant be good but one thing, take it on the chin it happens everywhere, but you get attached to the person, you might even marry them, in my 15 years i will have seen and had more life experience then some, i have been cheated on, i have been rejected, i have done down right disgusting things, i have been in trouble with the cops, i've been grounded(most people get grounded), i have beendisappionted so many times that i dont trust people,

i am what most people see in a trouble maker, i steal, i lie, i scheme, most people hate me, i annoy them they annoy me. but i keep going, one more thing, don't become friends with me, dont tell me secrets, what your family is like, anything, it has happened before i used everything against them.


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    I'm glad you decided to stay! I'm sorry about your problems. There aren't any evil people. Everyone has good and bad qualities in them.


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