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  1. I'm Finally Back

    by , 6th September 2013 at 09:26 PM (Your local ray of SUNSHINE)
    Sorry i haven't been on here for a while I've been busy with school and other stuff and haven't had the chance but im back and should be way more active. :D
  2. I have a question

    by , 20th March 2013 at 11:44 PM (Your local ray of SUNSHINE)
    When does the narwhale bacon?
  3. I hate school

    by , 18th March 2013 at 11:20 PM (Your local ray of SUNSHINE)
    This is a quick blog why I hate school, assignments and exams and other stuff thats bout it :D
  4. For all you movie fans

    by , 5th March 2013 at 06:39 PM (Your local ray of SUNSHINE)
    I shall tell the release dates for movies that interest me, don't you love me :D
    Hunger games catching fire comes out on November 11th, to damn long wait.
    Iron man 3 comes out on May 3, ironic right.
    Taken 2 comes out today my time, 6th of March for you Americans, Scottish, and others.

    Enjoy your movie release dates.

    Assassin's creed 4 black flag comes out towards the end of October, Sly Cooper Thieves In Time comes out on March 28th, Metro last ...
  5. guess i cant stay away

    by , 28th February 2013 at 06:25 AM (Your local ray of SUNSHINE)
    I have been told that people will understand my problems. No one understands my problems, i am in an awkard position. My mind is different to others, i am not smart but imperfections, there is a voice, i can't work in noise, I have a short attention span, my mind does horrible things to me, it is a prison and me a prisoner, i believe in magic, myths, mythical creatures, i write to suppress the fantasies I have, but one thing that kept me going, they are the reason i am here today, they tried to ...
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