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Why I Love Nintendo #1: Animal Crossing Series

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by , 12th February 2014 at 10:56 PM (89 Views)
Hello fellow 'squaddies', and welcome to a thing that I am trying to do, a new blog series that is finally not a rant (yay!) and is about gaming, not just Pokemon related, but Nintendo related. You should all be familar with most Nintendo fanchises, since you guys are all Pokemon fans (unless you are a Spambot). I like to introduce:

Why I Love Nintendo: SG's Journey Into a World of Love and Gaming

Episode 1: Animal Crossing Series: A New Leaf For an Old Company

So let's start with one of the best Life Simulation games out there. If you say 'The Sims' you are DEAD WRONG. I hated the game due to it's complexity. It is indeed, Animal Crossing.

I don't know how it started for the roots of the series, but here's I think what happened:

Katsuya Eguchi, a man who works in Nintendo, made Animal Crossing. He made this game from his inspiration of his childhood, talking to people at school, as well as playing with pets. I don't know much about it so, I think that's what happened. Look, I can't see it on Wikipedia, Ok?! Anyway, on to the main point:

This game is freaking weird, but at the same time, a masterpiece.

So let's get to the 'weird' part first. This game features you, a human, going on a bus/taxi/train/tram, and you see a cat. Not just any cat, a HUMANOID cat. What does he do? Has a conversation with you. When you get to the town, the only villagers...are humanoid animals. THAT TALK ENGLISH. What do you do? You start to live there. Now, don't start to say all that Creepypasta and fan theories and all that 'Terrible Meaning Behind Animal Crossing' webcomic shit. It's a Japan-made game. Yes, I have seen worse. (*cough cough* Freakyforms *cough cough*) But this game gets my standards. They are FRIENDLY humanoid English-speaking animal villagers. Some are protective, some are grumpy, some are always hungry, and some are just plain creepy. But the majority are very friendly! Every animal is different in looks and personality, just like real-life people. Some are different species, just like the races of humans. And that's ok.

Then comes the lighter part. They start to play with you and will need your help. You can be a bitch and ignore them, or just accept their request, as they will pay you back. In clothes and wallpaper mostly. And you start to get a house, but Tom Nook, an unique character, will need you to pay off your loan so you can get an even bigger house. So what do you do? You start to sell your town's fruit. You then need to buy some tools to catch fish, catch bugs, dig up fossils and weird 'toys' called Gyroids (please don't mention Creepypastas now, or we'll kill you), water plants and use slingshots to pop balloons that hold presents. You can either sell those stuff to buy more dearer items to decorate your house with, or you can donate some of those items (like those fish, bugs and fossils) to the museum. The choice is yours.

And that's why this is a masterpiece: Because you decide what your life in your town will be. (Except aging, having sex, marrying, killing, and dying, this is not The Sims, after all.)

And recently, in New Leaf, you have to be a FREAKING MAYOR OF AN ANIMAL FILLED TOWN. You'll probaly think that's bullshit, but, that's the most craziest and funfilled thing that you can possibly do in Animal Crossing New Leaf.

This is why I think that Animal Crossing is a masterpiece: It is weirdly fun, there's unlimited possiblities, so the replay value is extemely high, and best of all, it's like The Sims, but for hardcore players AND casual players too. (The Sims suck because it's not for casual players IMHO.) So why not pick up a copy of the game? Play it now if you have it! Because your life in Animal Crossing is cherished well, just like your life.


That's all for this edition of 'Why I Love Nintendo'. Stay tuned in the future (if I feel like it) for more.


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