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  1. Why I Love Nintendo #1: Animal Crossing Series

    Hello fellow 'squaddies', and welcome to a thing that I am trying to do, a new blog series that is finally not a rant (yay!) and is about gaming, not just Pokemon related, but Nintendo related. You should all be familar with most Nintendo fanchises, since you guys are all Pokemon fans (unless you are a Spambot). I like to introduce:

    Why I Love Nintendo: SG's Journey Into a World of Love and Gaming

    Episode 1: Animal Crossing Series: A New Leaf For an Old Company
  2. Squaddie's Angry Rants 1: Dating site ads, spefisic Australian ads

    Hello. I'm SquadalaGuy. Do you know Shaun Michallef's Mad As Hell? No? Well too bad, because like the show, i'm talking about what I hate/scares/pisses/makes me go ape-shat/etc. It's time for...


    Episode 1: Dating site ads and spefisic Aussie ads (Storage King)

    RANT 1: Dating site ads

    I'm glad this forums have no ads at all. But most sites (like tvtropes.org) have stuff saying "YOUR MOM IS 4KM (or 1 mile) ...
  3. Some good ideas for Game freak IMPORTANT TO READ

    Some good reasons why game freak should do these ideas for Gen VI.

    1. A freakin Dark type Gym Leader for pete's sake. But Satoshi is retarded to do that.

    2. Game freak logo sucks.

    3. Stunfisk evoultion as well as Pinsir, Heracross, Macatcus, Qwilfish, Girafarg (possibly the tail being apkmn it self) etc.

    4. Finally, NO MORE GODDAM EEVEEULTIONS. EEVEE MUST DIE. It's too hasty with DNA. I wish there was a better version of Eevee. Not a freakin ...
  4. Pokemon Shadows of Romin/Currents of Romin Versions BETA

    I'm working on a half story/half Gen VI fan fic for my blog. Here's some sneak peaks:

    . The main hero is Alex, the heroine is Betty. (after Alpha and Beta)

    . The Myth Monster trio is:

    1. Hadivoid (Hades/void) for SoR,

    2. Posidalave (Posideon/tidal wave) for CoR,

    AND 3. Zeulocwork (Zeus/clockwork) for the expansion/sequel: Storms of Romin. As the trio master, Zeulocwork will be the main cause of the storyline.