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by , 4th January 2013 at 08:28 PM (336 Views)
Seriously why do people troll.

Every mystery launch has at least one insider idiot who has to lie to the community. Where these ppl brought up in a barn or something. Do they get off on annoying the hell out of everyone and distracting from proper information and facts.

Seriously they always the same.
1, lie about working for the company
-firstly no one employed would dare break a none disclosure agreement especially on a first job
2, sprinkle in things already used in recent company games to appear legit.
3, make up some random own points to enflame ppl and get focus.

Ofc once started the troll doesnt stop. Often doing extra posts of made up details to bait more ppl.

Pathetic and annoys me that I look over topics for details and have to skip through pages of wtf responces to this idiot.

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
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    Trolling is really fun. You're always free to ignore trolls; ignoring/not responding to them essentially kills them. But if someone does fall for it, it's really fun. Especially when you say something so ridiculous.
  2. System Error's Avatar
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    i'm no troll. i'll have you know i have an uncle who works for nintendo.
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  3. Chiss's Avatar
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    I was talking to Satoshi Tajiri a couple days ago, (I'm his nephew, you know) and he said he likes digimon more than pokemon. And I'm better than you because he's going to give me all of his money when he dies.
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  4. Espeon of Chaos's Avatar
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    I'm not a troll. I just stalk RP threads for kicks.


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