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Ok rather than stick a trade topic up where I'd get spammed with requests for trades I thought I'd list my DW/breeding pokemon here to refer people too.

Top DW abilities,
* - next to name indicates a pokemon I have bred to high IV quality so can easily do so again

Gliscor *
Poliwag *
Shroomish * with bullet seed or punches
Nidoran (f) *
Sableye *
Vulpix *
Bagon *
Dratini * with extreme speed
Slowpoke *
Elgyem *
Carvanha *

Anything on this list I can do with 1-2 max IVs and perhaps nature but it wont be as easy

Shinx, Hippopotas, Hoppip, Bibarel, FarFetch, Mantine, Barboach, Staravia, Clamperl, Kabuto,
Cacnea, Petilil, Igglybuff, Whsimur, Ledyba, Tirtouga, Remoraid, Emolga, Cubone, Shuppet
Ponyta, misdreavus, Munna, Vanillish, Feebas, Mienfoo, Ducklett, Chatot, Houndour, Riolu
Miltank, Zubat, Wurmple, Tropius, Lotad, Spoink, Krabby,Poochyena, Oddish, Sunkern, Drowzee
Bellsprout, Mr.Mime, Butterfree, Chinchou, Burmy, Finneon, Shover

None DW Pokemon I have previously done and have stock
Deino * very very good stock and Dark Pulse

Currently looking for the following pokemon if you want any of the above properly IV bred done
Abra DWF
Eevee DWF
Sneasel DWF
Gible DWF
Victini legit uncloned ;p
3 Maxed IV males for breeding

For any quick DWF swops I will accept any DWF I do not yet have.

All my Pokemon are European PAL game region so WILL work on US/rest of world region games for Masula Method.

My time zone is GMT that is EST +5hrs and PST +8hrs. I prefer a trade time between 9pm (4est/1pst) and 12pm (7est/4pst) weeknights.

Anyway feel free to browse and throw me a pm if you have a serious trade to offer.

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  1. Codface's Avatar

    Can do

    None DW
    Horsea Swift Swim to a very high level
    Scyther Techician to a very high level
    Lotad Rain Dish with Leech Seed

    Conkerdurr* DWF with Mach Punch and great stats
    Abra * able to do decentish IVs at moment give time
    Eevee *working on getting wish

    Next project super Lavitars.
    Updated 13th December 2012 at 04:08 AM by Codface


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