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by , 25th November 2012 at 04:22 AM (212 Views)
Hey guys some tips for you all.

1, For breeding Volcarona and 5 empty spaces is great for eggs.

Volc has the ability to learn fly and doubles egg hatching rate.

2. Inside battle subway is a guy who grades pokemon. He is great for quick checking eggs for max IVs

3. Try to always put the power holding item on a IV only one parent has maxed.

4. Join Avenue daycare is great for a quick breed. Lvl your join avenue. DW and trade magnimites. For Dw just go to random ppls homes and spam friend invites. Most ppl will come to yours then and afterwares will show up in game.

5. GTS is mostly rubbish. However I find female under 9 searches in japan tend to have a good chance of picking up pokemon with some max IVs, dw abiltyor pokerus. Good pokemon trainers tend to be asking for something reasonable to aid their own breeding. Avoid any trade where offerer isnt the OT as its 99% a dud.

6. Depositing pokemon is best used to fill dex. I save side products of breeding and ask for those annoying to evo pokes like magmortar. Usually get one within a day. Key thing is not too be picky on gender or lvl. Also dont expect to pick up a IV pokemon doing this. As ppl will quick breed what you want without care to get yours.

7. Shard entree link game is soloable. In fact all of them are and most of them give rare stuff at an extremely good rate. Play them and get dozens of ele stones and cool stuff fast.

8. Bianca on the xtranciever judges effort and happyiness. Far faster than going anywhere.


Hope these tips help.
I'm codface I breed and ev train alot. I got like 60 dw females. If you interested in proper IV breeding and want to get some imternational EU pokemon I am always up for an exchange. I

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