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  1. 5 3ds games I'd like to see announced/released this year

    Most of these havent been announced

    5. Bravely Second - announced sequel to default. Well on way already. Please can we get it pre christmas outside japan.

    4. Advance Wars 3ds version - love these little games. Either full release or a e-shop smaller edition is fine.

    3. Golden Sun - please announce soon. GBA version was great.

    2. Metroid - on 3ds please not wii-u

    1. Pokemon Y - announce already!!
  2. Twitch is fighting the Elite 4

    No seriously why you reading this go watch NOW!!!
  3. Is it wrong... (plus need updates kthxsbai)

    To have watched 5 hours of TwitchPlaysPokemon....

    In summary for those not up to speed:

    The hive mind gave up going up tower cos Bird Jesus has all normal moves and cannot kill them all (think after about 10hours of failing)

    Hive mind decides Psychic tm on Keeper is way forward

    After hour gets to Mr Psychic House

    Battle of Demo vs Anac rages. Anac wins

    Two hours of failing to use TM in which time a Escape rope ...
  4. Bah shiny pokebank mons

    Got a real beef up about this today. Played a fair number of ranked singles and near every Japanese opponent that used gen 5 and before bank legendaries (and thats most pf them) turned out those legendaries where all shiny and flawless.

    These are clearly not rng and plain pokegen'd. I know how to rng and unless you manipulate your id and such getting a flawless and shiny legendary is pretty much impossible and don't get me started on shiny bw2 flawless cresselia thats just not happening ...
  5. Bravely Default Demo (my brief take following beating final demo boss.)

    Firstly this demo is great value to play. Unlike most 30min fail demos you can play for hours and have 3 dungeons with quests to do. Plus awards carry to the full version. I'd compare it to a a free version of the Derpa Men. 10/10 for effort and a great demo.

    Secondly it tells nothing of the story and focuses on gameplay/features. I hear the full version has a nice story and cut scenes :D .

    Finally I am unsure as to whether to get full game even though I really enjoyed ...
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