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Life with Bleach

Not one of my normal days

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So today was a bit odd for me.

There was a dog on the porch where I stay at. A under fed black Lab. Poor thing was just sitting there and we felt bad. Before my aunt could call anyone, I left the house and the dog starts following me. At first I thought it was just going to follow me for a bit then get bored and leave. 10 minutes turn to 20, then 30 then an hour. I was walking with this dog for an hour. People thought it was mine the way it followed me, like we was owner/dog. Now you are probably thinking...why an hour? Why walk an hour? Well I was looking for a place to leave him. Some place that would take care of him and finally I got him to a pet shop since I couldn't find a humane society or shelter. It was weird leaving him there but I felt like I did something least I thought I do. Hopefully that pet shop doesn't treat him like dirt...I would feel like shit if I found out they did...

So yea....not my normal day.

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