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Life with Bleach

Not being myself?

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I was asked earlier if I was alright and I said yea. When I asked her why she asked, she told me it seems like you are down or something. Weird that she would think that when i was normally fine but it's been a trending question for me. People asking if I am alright. I guess when you are normally upbeat, random and somewhat hyper, people aren't use to seeing you calm or something. I don't know...maybe it's one of those moments when I get sorta depressed about how things are. I tend to get those from time to time. Nothing like how it use to be when I had suicidal thoughts every other day. No...I am out that stage of my life...haven't thought about that in forever it seems. Going on maybe a year or so. Anyway...just wanted to speak my mind a bit. Nothing like saying it in a blog right? haha

P.S. Not good at writing like I use to be. I have the thoughts but it doesn't flow well. Oh well. Peace

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