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Early story idea

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by , 3rd November 2012 at 12:02 AM (157 Views)
So I am getting back into writing and the best way to get back into is being a part of a site I hope to be able to rp on soon (character app pending) This story I was thinking about is almost like a prequel of sorts for that character. This is just a draft of what I am writing and it will be filled with errors but I thought what the hell I will share it anyhow. So enjoy I hope

Sunnyshore City, Sinnoh Region
March 18, 2004
8:29 pm

“We are live in front of the Sunnyshore Gym where a horrible crime has taken place. A body along with four pokemon has been found, brutally murdered. According to the local police, the body is a young female and the pokemon are Butterfree, Arbok, Staraptor and Absol. The bodies have been here for quite a while now. The id of the female is not being released yet. Right now the police are looking for Elliot, the young leader of this gym. Police ask if you see him, call them. They really need to find him. Kris Fuller, Channel 19 news.”

Sea of Hope, Connecting Unova and Varaia Region
November 2, 2012
2:09 pm

I never did like boat rides. Not a fan of water. Never understood why people love swimming so much. Lucky for me this ride was ending soon enough. I would be in a new region…looking for the people that cost me so much. According to the fool I caught in Kanto, my true enemy was in Varaia, a region I didn’t know even existed till that fool talked.

Pewter City, Kanto Region
June 3, 2012
12:38 am

“What can I get you hun?” the nice looking bartender asked.

“Maybe just a wine cooler.” My answer must have been weird to her. I admit I am not much of a drinker. Never was the one to hit the hard stuff.

She smile and laughs. “Yea hun, I pegged you as a light drinker and you are pretty on the eyes.” She gives me a flirty wink and proceeds to get my wine cooler. “Now hun…normally I don’t ask this but..” I stop her right there.

“I am looking for someone.” I pull out a picture and show her. Her face got a puzzle look all the sudden.

“Why you looking for that guy? He’s bad news hun.”

I simply smile. “I just need to ask him some stuff that’s all.”

She looks at me then smiles. “Your accent hun…are you from Sinnoh?” Wow she’s good I thought to myself.

“Why yes I am. I am from Sunnyshore City.”

She nods. “Oh yeah. Sunnyshore City. They got one hell of a gym leader. Almost just as good as Surge but not quite.” She smiles. “You Sunnyshore guys sure are cute.” She giggles a bit and I smile.
Suddenly, the man in the photo appears through the door. He gives the bartender a smog look and she returns it. He gives me a look as well and does a double take but takes a sit.
“Well hun…there he is. Don’t know if he is going to awsner your questions. Like I said…bad news.”

I give her a small smile. “Let’s see if I can give him some of my charming personality then.” I take my wine cooler and head to his table. By the time I got there, he was looking at me. “Mind if I join you?”

“No…you can get out of here chump. Take your girly drink and go back to the bar, you Sinnoh punk.”

“That’s not very nice Jamieson.” I give him a hard look. He returns the look and narrows his eyes. I sit down at the table. “I want to ask you some things Jamieson.”

“How the heck you know my name?” He gives another hard look then his eyes widen. “Holy crap…it’s you!” He stands up quickly to run but I trip him.

“Jamieson…come on buddy. I just got him.” I help him up to his feet and escorts him out the bar. Once we reach the outside, I slammed him against the wall, pinning him there with my forearm against his throat. “You know why I am here don’t you?”

“Screw you man!” Wrong aswner I thought to myself before slamming my forearm against his throat more, making him cough up some blood. “What do you want man?! Huh?!”

“I want to know who killed poor Risa and her pokemon in my gym.” I tighten my forearm against his throat.

He was choking before I let up to let him speak. “Your gym? Last time I check, your “gym” is being ran by someone else and the last time I checked…it was you that killed that girl.” He laughs. Big mistake on his part. I slam my forearm into his throat once more and make him cough up more blood then kicks him in the shin to make drop to the ground. “Wh…wh…wha…yo..wan….man?!” Clearly he was asking what I wanted but since his throat is a bit sore, I can understand why it’s not coming out.

“I want to know who killed her Jamieson!!!!” I kick him in the face and he falls to the ground, coughing up more blood.

“Alright man…alright!!!!” He sits up, blood running down from his mouth. “Look man! It wasn’t suppose go down like that alright! All we was supposed to do was take the girl there and that’s it. That’s it! We didn’t know she was going to get killed! All I know is that they wanted her there at that time and that’s it!” He starts to sob. “She wasn’t supposed to die man….she wasn’t!”

I take out a piece of cloth and hands it to him. He starts wiping the blood off his mouth and face. I get in his face. “So…if she wasn’t supposed to die and all you had to do was bring her there…then who killed her?” He gives me a fearful look. I stand up and realized the horrible truth. This poor punk was setup just as much as I was. “Who are they? Who has that much power? Who set up us Jamieson?” Instead of speaking to me, he hands me a piece of paper then falls over. I beat him too much I thought. I look at the piece of paper then his body. Now I knew where I needed to head. Walking away from the bar, I had my sights set on this region I never heard of…Varaia.

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